Equus Automotive

Six years

EQUUS AUTOMOTIVE Inc. has been working on the BASS770 project for the past 6 years, with an experienced team of professional car enthusiasts.
The EQUUS BASS770 is based on gathering all of the best of the American savoir-faire over the ages, in order to provide a real DREAM car.
A car that puts you in the seat of a movie director as well as the main character. The genuine feelings of original Muscle Cars with all the reliability expected from modern technology.

The perfect lines and balance

As a new Car Manufacturing company that is solidly built to last, EQUUS Automotive team made a long and constant efforts to developed numerous full scale prototype models in its quest for perfect lines and balance.

A new driving experience

The EQUUS BASS770 interior feeling results from the marriage of modern ergonomics analysis and of design spirit of the 60’s and 70’s era muscle cars’ cockpits.
These technical and comfort studies lead to a thrilling new driving experience.

The perfect feeling

Interior design and complete leather upholstery are tailor-made to achieve the perfect feeling expected for the EQUUS BASS770.

Ensure flawless quality

EQUUS Automotive uses the best technology to ensure flawless quality.

The hand made chassis frame, is based on aluminum extrusion assembly with superformed floor panels combined with high resistance steel racing based roll cage (integrated in the aluminum-carbon compound body) and long energy absorption zones.

Development & Testing

150,000 miles road tests

The EQUUS BASS770 reliability has been tested successfully during 150,000 miles road tests.

High quality components and strong hand built assembly ensure long-lasting driving pleasures.