Equus Automotive


a wide range of possibilities

EQUUS is driven by the will to offer a classy, as well as reliable, daily drive. EQUUS 4x4 e-Concept versatility allows everyday life journey as well as most extreme adventures. 5 different battery pack from 105 to 190 kWh, offer from 250 to 400+ miles range.

Dimensions3-door SWB5-door LWB
Length178” (4,570 mm)188” (4,780 mm)
Width78” (1,990 mm)78” (1,990 mm)
Height71” (1,806 mm) 72” (1,821 mm)
Wheelbase107” (2,720 mm) 117” (2,970 mm)

Dimensions and performance of the EQUUS e-4x4 production version may slightly vary to follow market innovations during the design process.